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Two Dried Leaves

Words and Reflections

August 12, 2019

Hi Friends,

Here's a quick little update, because I'm one month away from my trek to Hawaii for 8 months! If this is new information for you, I'm going to a ministry school focused on prayer called Ekballo. You can learn more here.



July 18, 2019

Hi Friends,

I never thought I’d be writing this, but I’m moving to Hawaii for 8 months!

As friends, family, and people I deeply love, I’m writing to share a life and ministry update. I invite your prayer, faith in “sending me” and, if the Lord leads you, your investment...

July 10, 2019

“… he is not ashamed to call them brothers.” Hebrews 2:11b

It was never hard to believe in God - the Maker, the King, the Mighty One. I've always found His glory, His ways, His power, and His “God-ness” fascinating.

I knew He loved me. And in those early days of knowing...

October 8, 2018

I went on a run the other day in my new neighborhood. It’s my favorite way to explore a new place. But three weeks earlier, that wasn’t my scene.

August 8, 2017

I’ve been reflecting on the creative process.  Story-mapping, creativity-sculpting, wordsmith-ing:  I don’t know how to do it, but I’m doing it.  All those hidden insecurities, days I give up, and times I just stare at a computer screen are real.  But in the process, I...

July 8, 2017

Dreams are the stuff of children, you say? Good thing it’s the childlike who get the kingdom. I forgot how much dreaming wakes the heart to life. I’m picking up an old dream of mine, along with some lofty writing goals this summer. But how do you pick up the dreams and...

April 21, 2017

I couldn’t make it to a Good Friday service this year. Instead, returning to my liturgical roots, I found a nearby Maundy Thursday service.  Weeks of preparation through lent, real palm branches to wave (and hours of entertainment) on Palm Sunday, Ash Wednesday, Maundy...

April 4, 2017

There's something about the trees this spring.  Maybe it’s just me. Maybe it’s just early in the season. Or maybe it was our unusually-harsh, Northwest winter. But this year, I can’t help but notice the blossoming trees. They’re different this time around the sun....

September 1, 2014

“What we see as only the process of reaching a particular end, God sees as the goal itself.”

In some circles, we hear a lot about “the process.”  They say, “God’s all about the process,” and “God’s much more concerned with forming the life of Christ in us in any season...

June 2, 2014

Here's a little online devotional guest blog I wrote on faithfulness awhile back. Enjoy!

Scripture Reading: Proverbs 3:3-6, 28:20 (and Luke 16:10 & Colossians 3:23-24)

“When in doubt, love and be faithful.”  That’s what I keep telling myself these days.

Proverbs 3:3 says,...