I'm Kaylee. Eugene, OR is my place on the map. Born and raised here, and happy about it! The people here, and the community around me, make home the best place to be.

WRITING | Capturing eternal truths, while working them into everyday life. It's purpose: reflections on the journey of knowing Jesus and being found in Him.

PURPOSE | Life is so exciting when you're given to what Jesus is doing!  For me right now, that looks investing in relationships, giving myself to the prayer movement, serving so that Jesus' love and kingdom would touch and transform the community I call home, and knowing Jesus in everyday life. I'll write a bit on these purpose-filled ventures too.

LIVING | "In between" moments make up so much of life. We were never created for a secular/sacred divide. Those things that make up my in between will likely make it on these pages too!

Thanks for joining the story!
Always, Kaylee