The Creative Process

I’ve been reflecting on the creative process. Story-mapping, creativity-sculpting, wordsmith-ing: I don’t know how to do it, but I’m doing it. All those hidden insecurities, days I give up, and times I just stare at a computer screen are real. But in the process, I know I’m being made more whole: more wholly myself – as I was created to be.

The essence of this came from a conversation with a dear friend who has explored and pursued the artist-call for years: ups, downs, success, chasms, self-doubt and increasing measures of freedom. I’ve seen her do it so well. And as I pursue my own, I find it’s not for the faint of heart. I’m coming to the conclusion that there is an ultimate creative process in the works. This one goes out to all you creatives out there!

Artist sets off to make her art, Creator stands to watch and see what she might create. He’s the Master of the Arts you might say.

Created-Creative creates, While Creator stays fixed on the creative and the work of her hands. They’re nearly one in the same.

Created-Creative quakes at the task: A journey ahead – end, vaguely foreseen; though not clearly in view, A valley between – it’s path, more foggy-unknown than the destination itself. Thoughts that accuse, phantom expectations, molds that don’t fit, and pressures within and without, Pulling, pushing, prodding - all at the same time.

The Created-Creative looks down at her feet and two little hands, On the edge of the journey, embarking on the unscripted. The equation doesn’t figure in her favor. Mysterious adventure to run toward with all boldness, Or treacherous sojourn that may require her retreat. The choice is hers.

Creator smiles, He’s after a greater sculpted work.

In the creative’s journey, The Master’s creative process is busy at work.

You see, Art is only art, because it comes from the artist. Creative expression is only creative, because it comes from the creative. Greater still, the creative is not simply an artist, The creative is first, the Master’s work, The Creator’s art; a masterpiece you might say.

The creative is an artist, because she herself is art. The artist is creative, because she was created with all creativity.

The purest form of art comes from whole hearts, free souls. This is the Master’s intention for the work of his hands. That’s why in the creative’s process, The Creator works His creative process.

His creative process makes us whole - Makes us free: wholly ourselves, free in His love and approval, Inspired by a greater goal than self.

He leads the creative to a well of untapped creativity; Pure, to the spring from which all life flows. He pulls us beyond: Past the point of retreat, Past the point of the world’s hard-cast mold, Past the point of the hurling, swirling, heckling opinions, Past the point of need to use other creatives as a measuring stick, Past the point of self-assessment that often slips into self-doubt.

He’s making Creator-Crafted Creatives.

Art that comes from the Creator-Crafted Creative is art in its purest form. Creator-Crafted Creatives thrive in the creative process. Because the Master of the Arts works His creative process within, So they can freely work His creativity without.

This is the creative process. The eternal one.

Oh God, work your creative process in me. Painful, though at times it is. That I may be free. That I may be full. That I may live in love. That I may express the unlimited reservoirs of heaven-sourced creativity.